upgrade memory for hp pavilion

where do i buy RAM memory for hp pavilion ZV5000

is it easy to put memory by myself?

i have 512mb ram and thinking of adding extra 1 or 2 gb depends on how much cheaper is.

any idea guys any help?

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would suggest looking at the HP site first, they specify what you need with your laptop :
you can even ask how to place the memory (normally it is no problem; you have to open a lid and insert the memory
Be aware that not all laptops accept all kinds oand brands of memory, even if they have the same rating.


you can also look at the site www.kingston.com or ww.crucial.com to see what memory you need.
use wcpuid or belarc home advisor to establish what motherboard you have, from there you can go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and get the manual for the motherboard and in the motherboard manual it will tell you what RAM that motherboard supports :)

wcpuid :


belarc home advisor :


Once you know what RAM your motherboard supports I am sure the rest is easy :)
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Go to www.Crucial.com

They have a huge selection and will help you find the exact memory that will work with your notebook

They have decent prices as well for quality RAM

alldayAuthor Commented:
i called hp today and they give my the specification for my laptop and my laptop is
hp pavilion zv5000 series...

dim 333 mhaz clockspeed
pc 2700 model

presently i have:

Slot 'U5' has 256 MB
Slot 'U6' has 256 MB

and as per the customer support he said my laptop can support upto 12800 mb ram

so i see that i will be wasting my 256 mb ram if i buy 1gb ram

please correct me

i can have 1gb in one slot
and 256mb ram in second slot correct?

also where do i find the good ram the above speicification

sorry, may be im asking too much here :)
alldayAuthor Commented:
i forgot to mention:

200 pins
dim 333 mhaz clockspeed
pc 2700 model
IMHO, you can use :
-512 Mb +256 Mb  = 768 Mb
-1 Gb

i  would say for normal use, 512 Mb is enough; but if you use imaging or video applications, more memory comes in handy.

Good brands are  to be found at www.kingston.com    or www.crucial.com
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