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Hi All

I have been asked to set a computer up so that it can connect to another computer over the internet and access it while the  computer is logged off.

Basically what he wants to do is access his computer at work from home without having to log into his computer at work. and so that no one else can see what he is doing at home. I have tried PC Anywhere but that can only access the computer when the user is logged in, which is no good as users will be able to see what he is doing when he is connected from home. The network im working on is not set up as a domain (although i would like it to be) and so from what i know even if it was i wouldnt be able to dial in and access a computer while it is logged off. Any ideas??

Gavin McMillan
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WallsyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're using Windows XP the remote desktop functionality built in will do what you want. The user can lock his workstation at work or log off, then connect from home. If someone at work looks at his PC it will say it is locked by the user at home.

For more information see:


Wallsy is spot on, although you must have xp professional in the office for this to work, which is more than likely.
I keep forgetting about XP Home! Thanks for the tip Chris84.
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You can use VNC on machines that don't have Remote Desktop (XP Home) to connect to them.  I believe it uses port 5901 (for port forwarding in a router) to connect, correct me if I'm wrong.

You can read up on it and download it here:
Cheers Gavin!

gavinandrewmcmillanAuthor Commented:
not a problem, thanks for all the solutions!!!
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