Finding EXACT keyword phrases searched for on major SEs

I am developing a niche portal, and have been attempting to research which keywords I should use.

I have found some phrases  (with the Overture Keyword Selector Tool) that seem to have been searched for a fair amount of times. My problem is that this tool does not state the exact phrase. Nouns writtten in plural form seem to be restated as singular, and it seems to me that the order of words in a phrase might also be changed. Why is this?

Is there any way in which I can find a more specific record of terms searched for on major SEs? Or is my only option to guess what the exact phrases might be? (In this case it could well be several combinations of the same words).

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lewisjohnsen -


Ok. Try the AdWords Keyword Tool as well

>Is there any way in which I can find a more specific record of terms searched for on major SEs?

Search engines keep the popularity of searches secret for sound commercial reasons.  Do not take the output of keyword tools too seriously.  Use them as a rough guide only and apply a load of common sense.

>Why is this?

Overture uses a system called Match Driver for keyword matching of phrases and the suggestion tool includes keywords for phrases in any order and adds in plurals.

>guess what the exact phrases might be?

If its a 'niche portal' the main keyword is normally fairly obvious, is it not in this case?

- duz
lewisjohnsen -

>which keywords I should use.

Is this for a PPC campaign or for content targeting pages on your website?

- duz
lewisjohnsenAuthor Commented:
It is for content targeting pages.

well said duz

i wonder why some one needs more keywords if he has wordtracker
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