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Google Clique


tell us about google clique
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Google Clique is an auto click software for the Google Adsense program. Clique uses the Holland Tunneling engine, that allows Clique to surf and click on Google Adsense Ads from hundreds of thousands of IP's from around the globe, completely untracable! This is not to be confused with socks/proxy.

Proffesional spammers out there know of the Holland Engine, the core of LincolnSX mailing software. This is the same engine that allows spammers to hide thier own IP while pumping millions of emails into such services as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN.

What kind of revenue can Google Clique generate for you?
Well from our testing it is best to stay at around $3,000/month per Google Adsense account.

It is also advised that you set up multiple accounts, we have been able to generate in excess of $30,000 per month using Google Clique across 10 Adsense accounts.

Also, don't try and push it, stay at or below 1.2% click rate, this is proven, and the google engineers have told me they look for higher click rates.

Why am I so confident this works?
Because I was personaly invited to visit Google and demo the software for them, and trust me, they are so far behind in thier tracking system. This is a new area for them, and they are still looking at all the amatuer software that uses open proxy's. Sure they will be able to stop the script kiddies. But that puts us way ahead of Google, thanks to the Holland Engine!

But I must admit, they were very nice to me and we sat down and I did the demo of Google Clique. They had questions, some relevent and some first year programming if you ask me, but none the less, they found Google Clique to be a serious threat to thier company. However, they are a little full of them selfs (not the people in the meeting, but Google as a whole) for they didn't even have a member of the legal team in the meeting, nor anyone with a corporate title.
(stolen from http://www.dulac.ca/cookdocs/googleclique.html )

mcse20002000Author Commented:
i already read this and thats y i posted my question

looking for more info of course
mcse20002000 -

>google clique

Click fraudsters need to remain undetected and in order to do that they must simulate genuine human visitor behavior. Click fraudsters know that the IP address, the number of pageviews and the amount of time spent on site are going to be the first things evaluated by fraud detection software. So click fraudsters develop automated tools and conduct their attacks from networks of anonymous proxy servers mimicking legitimate traffic patterns in every way they can.

Spoofing an IP address is the difficult part for fraudsters. Mike Bradley's Google Clique used a technique where the software connects to an XMTP device, not a proxy, establishes a tunnel through it and then connects to the destination IP.  The destination IP thinks the source IP is the XMTP server. Obviously Google Clique did all the other things like generate new referrers etc.etc., and for all practical purposes appeared as a random human visitor.

The last I heard Mike Bradley was out on $50k bail waiting for a trial date on wire fraud charges.

- duz
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