null output on case statement with computation


Kindly assist what can we do to stop generating null values on the output. what can we do to troubleshoot?


cast(avg((case when c.subcategorydescription = 'delivery' then b.score end +
case when c.subcategorydescription = 'listening skill' then b.score end+
case when c.subcategorydescription = 'communication skill' then b.score end)/3)*@customerinteraction as decimal(10,2))as [Average Total Customer Interaction],
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To trouble shoot try simplifying the case statement, see if any of the results are null if you just run the case statements seperately, you will then need to isolate the nulls either by omitting them with a where clause or by using ISNULL to replace the null with another value ie ISNULL(b.score, 0):

Select      case
            when c.subcategorydescription = 'delivery' then b.score
      end deliv,
            when c.subcategorydescription = 'listening skill' then b.score
      end list_sk,
            when c.subcategorydescription = 'communication skill' then b.score
      end com_sk
--the rest of your query goes here
Use Isnull(select statement, 0)
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