Domino Active Directory Integration

Is it possible? I hae heard about ppl using LDAP. Does IBM offer any kind of help in this regard, and

more importantly:

is it worth it?

have any of you done it?

that are the problem areas?
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brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
They have a redpaper about it

They make an ADSync tool that will allow you to create accounts in both AD and Domino at the same time.

It will require a schema modification to AD, so if that scares you or is against your company policies then you might want to stay away.

I haven't done it in a production environment, only in a test lab. It seemed to work pretty good, but again was just a test lab.

It's a nice concept because it allows you to keep the windows login name and passwords the same as domino name relatively easy.

We couldn't use it in our environment because the AD team used NetIQ to delegate management of accounts to various regional IT and they didn't support the Domino tool. I think you have to use the standard mmc console if you want to use this tool.
Domino can integaret into AD in that you can create AD accounts and Domino accounts with one action, and pssibly keep the passwords sync'ed.  You can also integarte AD as an LDAP source for Domino, which is what you are refering to, but that's not what IBM means when they say they integrate Notes with AD.

Is it worth it?  There's no real answer without context.  What problem do you have that this might solve?
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