Internet Explorer (6.0) Title Bar Information Apparently Corrupt as it Appears in Taskbar

Right now, for example, the IE title bar displays "Windows XP: Ask a Questi".  The rest of it is "cut off".  More to the point, the IE button as it appears in the Tasbar only displays a series of squares, as if to show that they are non-displayable characters.  Hence, my conclusion that it's a corruption issue.

I've tried all the suggestions I could find on removing the title bar text -- no change.  I've tried a complete repair (reinstallation) of WinXP PRO -- no change.  I've tried removing and re-adding IE from Add/Remove Windows Components -- no change.  I've tried deleting all cookies and temp IE files -- no change.  I tried changing the location of temp IE files -- no change.  I tried a few other things, too, but lost track of just how many tactics were tried, all to no avail.

Even with all that I pulled out of my bag of tricks, my guess is that this one is piece of cake for somebody out there.


Stewart WeisCEOAsked:
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Use this script, it helps to restore default settings into IE
You can also try this Free little tool, which fix all kind of problems on IE
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
What about this Microsoft Knowledge base ( with regards to un installing IE 6 / repairing it ) :

Did you try and reset IE 6 settings ??

Look here :

and here (This one goes through all of the settings in IE 6 ) :

Other then that have you run anti spyware scans or hijackthis ??

anti spyware / ad aware scanners :

spy sweeper -

ad aware -

Microsofts Beta -

Hijackthis :

Hijackthis tutorial :
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Have a look here :

You have to click on each of the 5 replys to view what was done to fix it :)
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
A repair tool that they refer to in the above thread :;en-us;Q194177

Something else you will find of use :
Stewart WeisCEOAuthor Commented:
Gee, this is apparently tougher than I thought.  I went right down the list of every suggestion, recommendation and tip offered.  One of them even talked about the exact same condition: a series of little squares being displayed instead of the actual text that's supposed to be there.  I even downloaded and ran Spy Sweeper (nothing of any consequence found).  Alas, I'm still looking at a bunch of little squares.  Not one suggestions proved effective.  Actually, half of them I'd already tried before submitting this challenge here.

I eager for the next round of suggestions before I made the $35.00 call to MS.


only thing i have in mind is this..
download, close all IE windows & Run it...

See if ToolbarCop helps. Download ToolbarCop from

Close all IE Windows
Disable a third-party Browser Extensions (BHOs / Toolbars) temporarily
Open IE window and browser to a site. See if the problem is resolved. If not, repeat the above procedure and disable every extension until you determine the culprit.

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Thanks, mtstewdog. BTW which extension caused this?
Stewart WeisCEOAuthor Commented:
It actually turned out to be Google Desktop Search.  Toolbarcop did ultimately lead to this discovery.  Thanks!
Excellent. Thanks for letting us know.
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