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We have a web app with ASP and SQL.  

When users want to use the site, they go to our company's website, type in their company name then submit.  It will redirect them to t ASP site(different ip), if company name exists in db, NT authentication window will pop up(I created the username and password in active directory), otherwise, it will redirect them back to company's website.  One NT authentication login is for one client.  When they enter the correct info, asp page will be prompted for the username and password(each client could have more than one users, but only one NT authentication)

If Client A enter different company name other than theirs(assume Client A knows all the clients'  company names), the NT authentication will pop up, because this company B exists in db, Client A can enter their NT authentication info to loginto client B's site, although client A does not have user level info to log into next step.

My question is, if there a way to tie active directory into sql........or.....

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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. But, it leads to major problems. Suppose, AD gets changed. Now the SQL is skewered royal. Major problem we get with out (now) legacy systems, is accomodating that kind of operation.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
Is there a work around?  thx
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