NT4 Domain Delete?

I have shut down the servers hosting an NT4 domain that existed when I first upgraded my lead domain to 2000 active directory. Do I only remove the trust's from the head tree in my forest for this NT4 domain or is there more to it?

Thanks Experts.

Yes I searched, here and google. All I find is how to migrate an NT4 domain to 2000 active directory.

By the way, I'm supposed to rate this question. I don't believe it's difficult for someone that already knows but it is kinda urgent so I gave it 250.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you had two parallel domains while migrating, then that's indeed all you have to do.
Depending on the name resolution you used, you might have to clear the lmhosts file and maybe some DNS entries, but that's mainly cosmetic.
UnyallimanAuthor Commented:
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