reverse a string

Is there any way to reverse a string similar to this "2000 2001 2004  " so it looks like "2004 2001 2000".

I have tried StrReverse (strYears) without any success.

Some important things to note:

1) The number of years may vary in a string
2) There will always be an undetermined number of spaces at the end of the string
3) I'm using Access 2000

Any help would be appreciated.

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softplusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oh, ok for your point 2, you might use instead:
sList = Split(trim(sInput), " ")

Do you need the spaces at the end of the resulting string as well? (probably not?)
dim sList$()
dim iCounter%
dim sDone$
sList = Split(sInput, " ")
for iCounter = ubound(sList) to lbound(sList) step -1
  sDone = sDone & " " & sList(iCounter)
sDone = Trim(sDone)

Done :)
boyinapalliBI DeveloperCommented:
Use this new function StrReverse().
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