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We have a small home network based on Windows XP Pro (SP2) computers. One acts as a server and the other 5 connect to it. The server has an ADSL connection and using ICF (Internet Connection Sharing) the other 5 computers get their internet connection from it. Is there a software package available that can be installed on the server to monitor how much internet bandwidth each of the 5 computers is using? It would also be nice if it could report which web site each of the 5 computers visited and if it could control how much bandwidth each computer can get, or to block internet access to any of the 5 computers.

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Yes, what you're talking about is a Proxy Server or a Content Filter.  There's several which would be pretty expensive for a home system.  There's some free ones too, but not as full featured or easy to configure.  You have to have the Internet flow going through the computer that's doing the monitoring, or a firewall that can report it, or have specialized network equipment which can mirror a port and allow the monitoring computer to see the Internet flows.

Check these out for more info:
Agree with our friends here...another way (a bit cumbersome) is to install SNMP and use it...this way you can save some bucks but it needs some config job and some pkgs to install as well.. is another link..(not sure how good is the product)
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srikrischnak, to my knowledge, SNMP doesn't report on sites visited, have the ability to control bandwidth allocation, or the ability to break bandwidth utilization down by device.  

That CCProxy seems interesting.  However, SETP, you'd have to have your Proxy Server on all the time, and the Internet flow going THROUGH the proxy server.
pseudocyber..Mainly pointing on the authors prime question..anyway the second part of the question ( sites visited or BW control) was answered..:) Hope this clears..
Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
There are sort of softwaers for such things called Network traffic analyzer, Here are some:

1. Iris from Eyee

2. Also try Kirio it's great for such mission, check this link:

3. Also Netsupport can help you in terms of remote access and all other great features that you won't find it in any other software


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