Creating a DataTable


I am creating a console app in VS.NET and my using statements are:

using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;

However when i write "DataTable dt = new" and click space, Visual Studio does not bring up DataTable automatically. After that on the next line when i use "dt." nothing appears after the dot.

Am i missing some other using statement?

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Diego PazosCommented:
The error doesn't necessarily have to be above. Any error that prevents the CLR from parsing the file can potentially cause intellisense to stop working. That's why I was asking.

What I'd suggest is write it anyway and check the task list. If that is the only error, you should start to worry.
If it is not, check all other errors first.
re install visual and
try to write

DataTable dt = new DataTable
you can use dt object
Kokas79Author Commented:
well it works fine with other things like DataAdapter....i will try to see on my other machine. But i want to avoid re-installing!
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Diego PazosCommented:
Does it compile or is it just intellisense that fails?
If it doesn't compile, did you try removing the 'using' statement and declaring it as 'System.Data.DataTable' instead?
does the project compile without that line?

if you have a syntax error above the line in question, intellisense will act up.
Kokas79Author Commented:
damn thing works now...all i did was removed the project and added a new one...!

sorry guys for wasting your time...i will give extra points
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