vtc training free (educational videos)

do you know about www.vtc.com? That's very good educational material but it's very expensive also. Do you know some similar pages that deels with similar educational videos (about programming, applications and other interesting IT topics)? I would appriciate most if it was free or if there exist some group of people which create their own videos (with their experiences) and can share it with another users.
But if you know only another commercial material write me the link also

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Ai3dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry but they are expensive. Maybe somebody else can recommend better ones...

1) http://www.planetlearn.com/untrainvidcd.html
2) http://www.intelligentedu.com
3) http://www.cmpcmm.com/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/webstart/term.pl?unix -- neat links.
Hi, I know a few but they are all expensive except for one. The list is:-
1) www.appdev.com -  related to programing
2) www.totaltraining.com -- related to Adobe products
3) www.designsbymark.com -- related to Adobe Photoshop only and is quite inexpensive, unfortunately the guy is closing the site by May 31st...so hurry! =)
xRalfAuthor Commented:
Hi, I'm rather interested about programming, that site www.appdev.com looks interesting but I prefer unix programming (but advanced topics, as network programming, network configuration etc.
But some microsoft environment and functions are surely usefull to know. If nobody will send something else points are yours
xRalfAuthor Commented:
It looks very interesting. I will wait about a week and then I will choose the best. thanks
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Check out the tutorials on about.com. They've often got courses that you can subscribe to and be updated with the solution on a weekly basis. Might not be the most advanced course around tho.
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