Problem with dynamic query construciton

I'm constructing an insert statement via a dynamic query string because it depends on a variable for the 'FROM' clause:

@mySQL = ' insert ' + @varTable + ' (Unit, ...'

That much I can handle. Execpt that one of the values to be inserted has to be obtained by a seperate dynamic query because, like my main query, it depends on a variable for the 'FROM' clause.


So I'd try something like this:

set @strSQL = 'set @myUnit = (select top 1 Unit from ' + @varTable + ' where myIdentity = ' + @myIdentity + ')'
set @myUnit = exec(@strSQL)

and then construct my primary query. Except for the complier error i get....seems i can't call the exec on the right side of the =?
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rafranciscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To get the value from a dynamic query:

DECLARE @vReturnValue INT

SET @strSQL = N'SELECT TOP 1 @vReturnValue = Unit FROM ' + @varTable + ' WHERE myIdentity = ' + @myIdentity + ')'
EXECUTE sp_executesql @strSQL, N'@vReturnValue INT OUT', @vReturnValue OUT

SET @mySQL = @mySQL + ' VALUES (' CAST(@vReturnValue AS VARCHAR(10)) + '....
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