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Can i map my Outlook public folder to a windows drive letter?

I have an exchange 2003 server on win2k3.  My clients are all XP with Outlook 2003 connected using the RPC over HTTP method (server is colocated at an isp - users are all remote - no vpn)

I like Outlook's public folder syncronization features, but i want users to be able to interact with files in the public folder as a drive letter on their local machines rather than from within Outlook.  I'm looking for a way to mount a public folder.

Don't confuse this with an Exchange 2000 feature that mounted the message store as M: drive.  Thats on the server side - i'm talking about on the CLIENT side.  

Here's what i'm trying to accomplish:

I have 30 users who are all remote (some in different countries).  I have about 10,000 word, excel, powerpoint files, subdivided into folders, that i need to make available to all 30 users.  Totals about 5 gigs.  I want to ensure that all 30 users have the current versions of all of these files.

I'd use folder syncronizing software, if not for the fact that i dont want to use a vpn, as some users connect through a satellite (vpn and sat don't work well together - too much latency).  

So i want to use Outlook's communication (RPC over HTTP) and synronization (cached mode), but i want the results to be a folder on my c: drive.

If a user changes a file on his drive, Outlook should observe that the contents of a public folder has changed and sync it to the server, which should inturn sync it to the remaining 29 users.

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No, outlook doesn't have any capability to synchronize files or folders on your C drive, it can only work with information stores such as PST files, OST files, and mailboxes.  Nor as far as I am aware is there any third party product which can synchronize a file or folder on a hard drive with an exchange information store such as a public folder.

So in my experience, if you want users to access the files thru files and folders, they should be on files and folders on the server.  If you want them to be on the Public Folder on the server, then users must access them thru public folders on the client.
hi guys,

 i realise this is an old post but...
using the web/dav protocol you can access data within a public folder using a 3rd party app:

webdrive.com is a commercial app and I have this working
netdrive.net is free for personal use (I've found this to be less reliable than the above)

Both allow you to map a drive letter to the public folder :)


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