Veritas 8.6 - Access Denied to Top of Information Store

I keep getting the following error message in our Veritas 8.6 Backup logs:

Unable to open the item Lisa Van Westing [lisa.fitzgerald]?Top of Information Store?Sent Items?RE: Property Request - skipped.
Access denied to file ?Lisa Van Westing [lisa.fitzgerald]?Top of Information Store?Sent Items?RE: Property Request.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

This same error occurrs for several other users as well. We're running Exchange 2000 on a Windows 2000 Server box. Does anyone know how to fix this error? If anyone needs more info on our setup, let me know.
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PatrickXogentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We have been getting the same type of errors for quite awhile now.  Even going in manually and deleting these emails do not help.  What you need to do is go into the job setup.  Go into the Microsoft Exchange mailboxe selections.  Go to the Lisa Fitzgerald mailbox, go to Top of the Information Store section.  You should see a sent items folder.  Just click on that folder.  You should be able to scroll through and see that Property Request email.  Just unselect it.

This will keep it from being backed up and will allow the backup job to complete.  Let me know if you are still having trouble.
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
Well, I found something interesting. If you DO actually try to delete the item in their mailbox, you get a "Unable to open item. Access Denied" message. This is from the Outlook client, so it appears my problem is not Veritas. The user can't open the item, delete it - can't do anything with it. It is just stuck there. Any ideas?
We could never figure out if it was stuck there or what not.  We just gave up and unchecked it.  
drag the mail to the deleted folder then emty
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
We actually have some of those troublesome emails in the "Deleted Items" folder, and it does not empty with those emails sitting in there.
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