Number of rows exceeds the limit error in crosstab in crystal 10

I have a crosstab that is not running.  I get the following error:

"The number of rows or columns is too big. Try limiting the number of unique group values.  Details: The number of rows or columns exceeds its limit, 65,535.

Does anyone know how to deal about this error?

I am simply counting a combination of field 1 and field two.
Laura MunillaVolunteer - Board MemberAsked:
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Other option: don't use crosstabs, but create a crosstab-like report yourself...

Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
Yes, filter your report so that it returns less records.....

Unless I'm mistaken, this error message is pretty clear.  Since you only have two fields, the number of columns probably hasn't been exceeded, but the number of rows has.  What is your record selection criteria?  

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