Unicenter Remote Control error. "Unable to view remote PC. Remote Host is not enabled".

I am just trying my luck to see if there is an expert out there who is farmilar with this software from CA.
Using Windows XP. This error occurrs when attempting to connect to remote PC, using windows xp. I can use Remote desktop successfully okay. I recieve the above error if I attempt to use Computer Associate's Unicenter Remote Control version 5.2.
This is occurrs on a newly imaged IBM Netvista thinkcenter, with NEC MultiSync LCD screen.
In addtion to the error message - When I try to connect, it looks like it will and then stops with the above error message.

Thanks for your time.
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First thing, is the firewall off? If so, you can force the enable host mode from the registry.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\RemoteControlOption\Host\EnableHost = 1
or 0, I think 1 is on.
cjslingAuthor Commented:
it was set to 0 and I changed it to 1. Still unable to view.
It almost seems like a video problem. The fact that the screen tries to come up and then errors out.
I am uninstalling and reinstalling, again.
I was over a year ago that we dealt with this, one thing was RCO wasn't very fond of being ghosted or imaged.

Eventually we ditched it and went with Hyena www.systemtools.com (low cost enterprise solution) Has the ability to push, view, install, uninstall, start and stop vnc as a service. Also, it has the ability to do much more, remote is just a small component. I highly recommend it. They have a 30 full eval download. I've never seen a more cryptic support page than trying to navigate the CA pages.

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cjslingAuthor Commented:
We are moving to a new remote software in the near future. Thank you for your suggestion.
I thought you may find interesting. I can use the FTP option for RCO, just can't view. That leads me to a video problem, maybe.
thanks again.
Thanks for reminding of another reason we ditched RCO, it puts it's hooks into the video drivers. If RCO was uninstalled, it #%!!@*& up the video drivers and went to a 16 bit 640 x 480 resolution. You might be thinking just reinstall the drivers, well we did and it didn't help. But I guess I'm just ranting now.
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