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Parsing Help Needed

I am writing an interface to Netbackup's bpdbjobs command (by reading from a pipe). I want to tokenize each line into subcomponents, however, it is possible that some fields in the middle could be null at any given iteration: Here is a sample input:

388347         Backup   Done  73          hostx-a_fs_u01              incr                              000:15:20     hostx    05/09/05   19:40:37   000:56:02
388349         Backup   Done   0           dbs050_hosty_hot.full full   9786112  5942 000:37:40     hosty    05/09/05   19:25:17   000:37:43

As you can see the integer fields in the middle can be blank, however, I still want to tokenize this with those fields being empty strings. (if I split using (split / +/, $line) I will not get the behavior I desire.

my( $jid, $jtype, $jstat, $jcode, $jpol, $jsched, $jprog, $jperf, $jstart, $jclnt, $jsdate, $jstime, $jdur) = split(/ +/, $_);

This above statement will assign the job start time ( 000:15:20 for line 1 of the sample above) to the $jprog variable for lines that contain the null values. What I need is for it to assign an empty string in that case.

What approach can I use to achieve this?

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1 Solution
Hi rhugga,
In case your data isn't separated by tabs (doesn't look that way), you can use optional digit fields:

if($line =~ m/(\d+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\d*)\s+(\d*)\s+ ... /){
    my ($num1,$op,$status,$num2,$host,$back_type,$op_num1,$op_num2) = ( $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7,$8,...);

$op_num1, $op_num2 can be empty when there's no data (\d*).

(The \w character class is insufficient for the host/file name, but it's here just for illustration)


rhuggaAuthor Commented:
Sweet, that will do what I need. Thanks,
rhuggaAuthor Commented:

I can't get this to work. Here is a sample data line and my current piece of code. Do you see anything wrong?

32698 Archive       Done   0                        L5500_Log_966222arch2.full    full    3145760 11302 000:05      adcbkp10 06/01/05 10:45:01

if ($_ =~ m/(\d+)\s+(\w)\s+(\w)\s+(\d+)\s+([A-Za-z0-9\.]+)\s+(\w)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d*)\s+(\w)\s+(\d*)\s+(\d*)/ )
my ($jobid, $jobtype, $jobstatus, $jobpolicy, $jobsched, $job_progress, $job_perf, $job_start, $job_client, $job_sdate, $job_stime) = ($1
, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6,$7, $8, $9, $10, $11);

When I try and print $jobid and $jobtype I get empty strings.

The match will fail
(\w) matches a single \w character, but "Archive", "Done", "full" and "adcbkp10" contain multiple \w characters
Also, [A-Za-z0-9\.] does not match the "_" in L5500_Log_966222arch2.full
(\d*) does not match the : in 000:05, nor the / in 06/01/05

my ($jobid, $jobtype, $jobstatus, $jobpolicy, $jobsched, $job_progress, $job_perf, $job_start, $job_client, $job_sdate, $job_stime) = m/(\d+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\d+)\s+([A-Za-z0-9_.]+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+([[\d:]*)\s+(\w+)\s+([\d\/]*)\s+([\d:]*)/ ){
    print "$jobid, $jobtype, $jobstatus, $jobpolicy, $jobsched, $job_progress, $job_perf, $job_start, $job_client, $job_sdate, $job_stime\n";
   print "no match\n";

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