duplicating a GHashTable

Hi i want to create a  GHashTable  from an existing GHashTable
my need is to create a temproery GHashTable for some purpose
i looked here
but i didnt find any easier way

void fff(GHashTable *gp)
GHashTable tmpg;
tmpg=make_new _ghashtable(gp);
i want to do like this ,is ther any simple way like this or ,i need to access each strings in the existing ghashtable and need to insert into tmp hashtable?

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Hi hirosh,
There's no direct copy function. You need to use the g_hash_table_foreach() to iterate over the old table to create a copy of it.

Example (haven't tested it):

void copy_hash_table(GHashTable *dest, GHashTable *src){

static void copy_hash_table_iterator(gpointer key,gpointer val, gpointer dest){
    g_hash_table_insert((GHashTable*) dest, key,val);

(this assumes the dest table is empty when passed)


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