How to find out how many people and who are log on to a web server using window commands??

I need to connect to wev server at work often, and since the web server only accept a limited connections, it always maxed out, and I can not log on.  

How do I find out How many people and who are log on to a web server using window commands on my local machine??

In another word, I need to be able to find out who's on it without being log on to that web server.

I tried using...
nbtstat -a <web server ip address>,

but I don't think it returend what I need.

Thanks very much!
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bkinseyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a tool suite called PSTools from Sysinternals (  It's freeware, and one of the tools, which are all command line based, is psexec, which does exactly what you need, sounds like.  It runs a CL command remotely on another machine.  Using that will let you run whatever command you want just as if you were sitting at the remote machine.  Do note that rights and permissions are still an issue, so you have the proper permissions to be able to do issue whatever commands you want.  Syntax is in the help. . . .
BrianIT ManagerCommented:
If you can connect to the server using Performance Monitor then you could add the Web Server Object and the Current Connections Counter.  

4eyesgirlAuthor Commented:
I am not sure how to use the performance monitor on the server, I am a developer, and doesn't know a lot about Net working..

Is ther a way I could do that by using the Command lin on my macine, kind of like a "Ping <ip address>", but instead of returning the status of the server, returns the username that are currently log on to the server?

Thanks again!
BrianIT ManagerCommented:
Not that i'm aware of although perhaps an expert here will tell us. There may be something you can do with WMI to get it as well.

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