FCKeditor problem with value property that has quotes, apostrophes

I need the value property to be able to display content that has both single (apostrophe - ' ) and double qoutes - " ).  
What I am doing is echoing from php into value property content that includes both ' and ".  
However, the java gets escaped from with the ' or the " depending on which one I use to set the oFCKeditor.Value.  
' causes problems with  
oFCKeditor.Value = 'My ring's on my finger' ;  
The " causes problems with
oFCKeditor.Value = '<font size="2">hi</font>";  
Any help would be appreciated. I did a search and could not find any other answers to this.  
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you should use the php function addslashes() to the value you are echoing into the JavaScript.
or alternately just do a str_replace("\","\'",$your_string)

The JavaScript problem you're experiencing is more symptom than cause.

oFCKeditor.Value = "My ring\'\s on my finger";  
oFCKeditor.Value = "<font size='2'>hi</font>";  
try this
oFCKeditor.Value ="My ring's on my finger";  

oFCKeditor.Value = '<font size="2">hi</font>';  
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FrylockAuthor Commented:

The problem is that the value property is being pulled from a db and is being echoed. EG:

The var_text = <font="2">My Mom's ring is in the box.</font>

Now, when I echo that into the value this way:

oFCKeditor.Value = "<? echo $var_text ; ?>" ;

The server sends:

oFCKeditor.Value = "<font="2">My Mom's ring is in the box.</font>";

Swapping the " for a ' doesn't help because both are used in the string.
FrylockAuthor Commented:

I put in the 'addslashes' to the echo'd variable, but it is still tripping up on it.

Here is what the source of the page shows:

oFCKeditor.Value = '<p>He said to the woman, &quot;Who is your favorite singer?&quot;</p><p>She responded, after looking at her mother\'s watch, &quot;Shirley Manson\'s voice is spectacular.&quot; </p>' ;

It is still being broken.

FrylockAuthor Commented:
HEy Virmajor - it's the line break that is killing it now.There are two or three of them and the line breaks kill it. How can I get rid of them?

alternately: str_replace("\n",'<br />',$youstring);
(the former will cause JavaScript to reinterpolate the line breaks, the latter will cause the same effective appearance).
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