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Wireless Router outside our FireWall (Can This Work?)

I want to plug in a Wireless Router outside of our Firewall but I am not totally sure how to do it.

I have a Fixed IP address for the Router For example   (65.XX.YY.ZZ)  

How would I setup the GATEWAY address?

I want to route all Guest traffic through this wireless connection but I wanted to keep them our my network.  I have more Fixed IP addresses but I am stuck on how to configure the rest of the router addresses to enable users to use the Internet through it.

I have setup wireless connections before but I also have only set it up on DSL and Cable connections?  The DSL and cable companies have always sent the IP address and gateway to the router.  Now I need to configure the router manually and I need a little help with the setup.   Hopefully this is possible.

Any help would be appreciated.


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can you diagram how you have it setup currently? for example

                                     |           |
                                    PC         PC
There's a lot of ways this can be set up, depending on your topology.  More detail on how your internet router, firewall and LAN are set up would help.

Typical setups would be something like:

  Internet circuit -----router ------firewall-----LAN switch


  Internet circuit ------combo router/firewall-----LAN switch

More information on the type of router and firewall, including number of interfaces, DMZ setup would also help
patrickmillerAuthor Commented:
The way my system is setup now is    

Internet ----Router -------Firewall ------ Switches -----Servers / pc's

What I would like to do is

Internet    ------Switch  -  Wireless Router---------Segmented for in house Client access to the Internet
                                  -  Router ------------FireWall ----------Switches -------Servers / Pc's  
nope,, that won't work... you need a router with at least three interfaces so your setup would be someting like this

internet-----router------wireless router---wireless clients
                 |        |
                PC      PC


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