I am getting this error "This row already belongs to another table."

I have a database that is used for a retail store, and there are a ton of items in this database that are not sold anymore. So i am trying to compare this table to the sales invoices and pick out barcode numbers that don't appear in the invoice from the last say 5 or so months.  I figured out how to do all of that, but i decided that i can't just delete these items i will have to store them so that they can be looked at later and then deleted.  I chose to just use an access file so that i could copy it to a disk and bring it to different locations etc. The original Database is an sql server Microsoft to be precise.

And to just cut to the chase i keep getting this error

An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in system.data.dll
Additional information: This row already belongs to another table.

on this line of code(which is the set of items i am choosing to place in the access database(aka to be deleted))

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try the importrow method instead of rows.add
ethnarchAuthor Commented:
how do i use that could you give me an example?
Here is what he is referring to for the importrow.  There is a method of the datatable object called importrow that takes a row object and adds it into the current table.  
For example, Your current line of code is :


you should change it to the following:


Your original code is trying to take a row that is in another table and add it to a different table, which is not allowed, ImportRow makes a copy of the passed in row and adds the copy to the table instead of trying to add the original row.
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ethnarchAuthor Commented:
Import row works fine i actually figured it out on my own but thanks rubixx for the help anyway.

I do have a question for my own knowledge and understanding though, and that is So when you add a row from one database to another does it not allow this because it deletes it from it's original location?

Does anybody know what's going on behind the scenes here?
Here is what i think is the reasone behind this.  DataRow objects have a table Property.  The table property is marked as read only publicly.  It seems to me that when a datarow is added to a table internally the table property of the DataRow is set and so when you try to add this row to another table since this proeprty already has a value set it throws the exception you recieve.

Microsoftto handle this suppied the ImportRow method which makes a copy of the row.  It seems to me to make sense, or else you can have a row belong to infinite tables and keeping track of what rows belong to each table becomes harder behind the scenes.  If the row is modified/updated/deleted in one table something has to be done in the other tables now as well.  Sounds much more complicated for multiple tables to share a row and track everything then to simply force users to make a copy of the row.
ethnarchAuthor Commented:
i see thanks for the explanation rubix
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