c# deployment

1) i have developed an application in c# vs.net. now i want to deploy it on the clinet system,which only has windows2000 installed.now tell me do i need dot.net framework to be installed over the client machine, or just install exe file.if dot.net framework reuired then how can i add dotnetfix.exe file in my setup so that client install donet framework with that.

2)can i convert vb6 programme into c#.

3.)how can i add setup key screen during the installation process of setup  and deployment processs.
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Tom KnowltonConnect With a Mentor Web developerCommented:
1)  The .NET runtime, a 23 MB download, is required, I think.

2)  You cannot convert the program automatically...you will have to port it manually.  I think I remember hearing once that you can RUN  VB.NET code from within C#.

3)  .NET does have a install and deployment ability but it is not very user friendly in my experience.  Depending on the complexity you can just setup a batch file that does an XCOPY for you.  If you have the money go with a more professional deployment application like InstallShield.
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