Autotracing tools!


I have to provide a comprehensive critique of the following autotracing tools and im just looking for some extra help on some of them. they are: adobe streamline, freehand, flash and illustrator.

what i need is a critique of each one and their weaknesses and strengths over all! preferably i would like info on illustrators capabilities as it doesnt seem to have too many to me but these are the app's i have to examine.


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Hi again Clonmelog,

For research I guess the best way to do it would be for you to download the trial versions of those programs (where available) and give them test rides. I have never need the autotracing tool in Flash (I work all my vectors in Illustrator first) and I don't use Freehand so I can't speak about either of those. Between Illustrator's auto trace and Streamline there's a big difference as you may already have noticed. Reason is that if Adobe built all the power of Streamline into Illustrator they'd be taking Streamline (their own product) out of the race and that's not cool. So between those teo Streamline is the winner. There are other tools that do excellent work at tracing; namely Silhouette, and in the Windows environment CorelTrace. I consider both superior to Streamline but it depends on what you want them to do.

I would also advice you to read our Memebr Guidelines regarding homework at

We can offer you help with your work but we are bound not to do the work for you and that includes writing critiques of software for academic purposes.

Good Vibes!

Hi clonmelog,

Is this some sort of homework you're working on?
clonmelogAuthor Commented:
yes something along those lines...... more of a research project that i have to carry out in order to complete an exam successfully. ;o)]

Ive dealt with all of the apps this year but illustrator seems to have very little to offer in this department or am i wrong?
clonmelogAuthor Commented:
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