SMTP Authentication Port on Cisco PIX?

Well my new firewall hasn't come in so I'm still stuck with this Cisco Pix 506E firewall.

I am having POP3 problems and the support staff is telling me it's my firewall.

I'm hosting POP3, if I TURN OFF SMTP Authentication on my mail server, my clients can Send/Recieve email no problem.

If I TURN ON SMTP Authentiation on my mail server, my clients can recieve mail but CAN NOT send mail.

YES, the email clients are configured with user/pass for server SMTP Authentication. I've tested myself.

Support staff says it's something to do with my firewall because I gave them access to the mail server and a test account.

So what do I need to open up besides 110?
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try disabling fixup smtp
  no fixup protocol smtp 25
fredmastroAuthor Commented:
yup that fixed it. Thanks!

Once again you have saved the day :)
glad to help!

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