HKCU registry hive does not follow user with roaming profile.

We have an application that uses a registry setting in the HKCU hive.  We want to set the users up with roaming profiles so that no matter which PC they log into, they will still have the same settings for this app.

I thought that with Windows 2000, the HKCU would follow a roaming profile.  That does not happen.
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Hkey_Current_User is a pointer to the logged in users HKey_Users key.
This is written in the profile (NTUSER.DAT).
When the user logs off it is written to the server.
When the user logs on to another box, the profile copies down complete with NTUSER.DAT, which contains their HKey_Users key, hence HKey_Current_user.
This is very standard stuff:)
HKCU should follow the user by default - presumably you have defined a valid profile path for the user in AD?
RFExpertAuthor Commented:
We have a valid profile path in active directory.
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profiles do not change anything in the registry so the fact that you have roaming profiles is irrelevant.  That being said, if you change a setting in HKCU on computer1 for user1 and then user1 logs into computer2, there is no mechanism built into the OS to carry that registry change you made in compter1 to computer2. Sorry sweatbeast but i dont know what you are talking about when you say that HKCU follows users. Registry settings are local.  Say a user logs into 10 pcs on the network named pc 1 thru 10 and then one day t decide to log into PC 11, which one of the other 10 PCs would pc 11 pull the registry settings from??? would it just "guess"? of course not.  And say we are talking about the situation we have here where RFExpert made the registry change on one PC... how would future logins on other PCs "know" that the change made is correct? why would it pull the registry change off of that PC and not one of the other PCs that the user has logged onto in the past??  If it "follows" the user like you say,  what would happen if the PC that the user logged onto last was turned off? would the user just not get an HKCU registry key at all then?  HKCU following a user brings up alot of problems/issues doesn't it?  the reason is simple, it doesn't follow the user at all. test it out for yourself and you'll see if you make a change on one PCs HKCU and then log into another PC it won't be there, (b/c it doesn't follow)

to solve the problem at hand you have 3 options

1.  change it manually
2.  change it via a script somehow on all the PCs
3.  find some way to synch HKCU.  Ive never heard about this being done and this brings up many issues that ive mentioned above.
If the user logs out and in again does HKCU persist?
Could some policy be involved?

This could be applied via local policy or via AD at the site, domain or OU level.

From XP I use A MS tool, rsop.msc, to find out the 'Resulting Set of Policy'
for a user, logged on to a named machine.
RFExpertAuthor Commented:
the user was not logging off properly.
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