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I have a Linksys Router model WRT54GS, and I use it for my home network. One of my kids insists on using P2P and it doesn't really look like I can block P2P traffic on my router. So, I am wondering if there is a way to narrow down the traffic. I am not sure if I can describe it correctly but a friend of mine said that I could narrow his MAC address to a few ports. That way, even if he uses P2P the traffic will be slow. Is there a way to narrow down the P2P traffic on my router, or block P2P all together?

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You can create ACL (access list) to block P2P traffic, or to do traffic shaping for your kid (limiting bandwidth he can use).

Here is a manual for your box:

Follow istructions on page 29. You have to plan what to allow and what to block. Usually you want only TCP 80 port (http) and TCP 443 (https) ports to open. But almost all P2P applications allow to work through this ports. Which exact P2P application he/she is using?

jhiebAuthor Commented:
Basically, he uses whatever P2P program that works. I would assume it's Kazaa, LimeWire, Bearshare, and similar stuff like this. I suspect Bit Torrent will be nearly impossible to block but blocking standard P2P would solve most of the problem.
Then you have to block all P2P servers (where user authenticates) by URL.
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