How to determine if a flag has been set based on cumulative flag values

I'm trying to find out if a user in active directory has the option account never expires checked.

Microsoft documentation details the following userAccountControl flags:
SCRIPT                                                0x0001 1
ACCOUNTDISABLE                                0x0002 2
HOMEDIR_REQUIRED                              0x0008 8
LOCKOUT                                             0x0010 16
PASSWD_NOTREQD                                0x0020 32
PASSWD_CANT_CHANGE                        0x0040 64
TEMP_DUPLICATE_ACCOUNT                 0x0100 256
NORMAL_ACCOUNT                              0x0200 512
INTERDOMAIN_TRUST_ACCOUNT           0x0800 2048
WORKSTATION_TRUST_ACCOUNT            0x1000 4096
SERVER_TRUST_ACCOUNT                   0x2000 8192
DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD                  0x10000 65536
MNS_LOGON_ACCOUNT                        0x20000 131072
SMARTCARD_REQUIRED                     0x40000 262144
TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION               0x80000 524288
NOT_DELEGATED                               0x100000 1048576
USE_DES_KEY_ONLY                           0x200000 2097152
DONT_REQ_PREAUTH                        0x400000 4194304
PASSWORD_EXPIRED                           0x800000 8388608

Documentation states that the values are cumulative. So, a user who has a normal account and a dont expire password has the value 0x10200 or a decimal value of 66048. How can I then determine if a particular flag has been set?

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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the "AND" operator to check for any specific value.

(66048 AND 65536 = 65536)

This will return true if the flag is set and false if not.

General form:

If (<cumvalue> and <testvalue>) = <testvalue> then true else false
actually those are defined as constants so that you can do ...

dim foo as boolean = yourval and constant > 0

but either way works ... the reason for comparing to 0 is that you could avoid a comparison by directly casting to a boolean if you really wanted to.

from what I understand..
If a user has a flag value of SCRIPT, ACCOUNTDISABLE, HOMEDIR_REQUIRED = 11
and you need to deside whether he's got a value for ACCOUNTDISABLE = True or not.

I'd do it this way...
Get the UserFlagValue.
Get ValueToCheck.

GetValueToCheck = 2 (in this case, for ACCOUNTDISABLE)

Now please excuse me for not doing datatype casting. (VB.Net)

Function CheckFlagValue(ByVal UserFlagValue, ByVal, GetValueToCheck) As Boolean

Dim i = 16777216 (max flag value)
While i >= 1
  If i <= UserFlagValue Then
    UserFlagValue = UserFlagValue - i
    If i = GetValueToCheck Then
      Return True
    End If
  End If

  i = (next flag value in descending order) (You may need to write anothe function to get next value here)
While End

Return False

End Function
Function CheckFlagValue(ByVal UserFlagValue, ByVal, GetValueToCheck) as boolean
    return (UserFlagValue AND GetValueTOCheck) = GetValueToCheck
end function
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