The possibilities of finding a driver for D-Link G132 USB network interface

In this huge world wide web, is there a driver to allow me to use a D-Link G132 USB network
interface with a Windows 98 SE Operating system.  I know D-Link doesn't support it, only 2000 and XP, but the customer is in a pinch for wireless service on a very old PCI slots or any of the modern conviences other than a USB card in a ISA slot that does seem to function correctly...USB mouse and memory sticks work well....
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I am amazed that you have a USB card in an ISA slot.  ISA does not have the throughput to support even USB 1.x, and I was under the impression that the Plug-and-play and hot-swap capabilities of USB absolutely required that a USB hub be implemented on a PCI card, not an ISA card.  I'd be very suspicious of the ability of that card to work.  In the very early days of USB (1995 to 1997), there were a lot of "USB" hardware and software components offered that really didn't work.

Linksys does make external USB WiFi adapters that do support Windows 98.  Look for the early 802.11b products.

You can buy entire Pentium II desktop computers in the 350 to 500 MHz range for under $50  Perhaps the customer should consider an "upgrade".
If D-Link doesn't support it then don't expect to find one. The reason is that people don't usually make drivers just for fun or for things that are new for older devices. Sorry.
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