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We host about 100 websites and just over 300 email addresses.
I am receiving an error message when i try to send email to one of our recipients that appears as follows:

The original message was received at Fri, 13 May 2005 15:08:45 -0600

  ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <>

  ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while issuing MX query to
554 DNS server responded with 3 (Domain Not Found)

Does anyone have any experience with a message like this? More confusing for me, is why is one of our other hosted domains showing up as one of the domains that are being queried (

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kbbcnetCommented: resolves to; however, RDNS reverse dns lookup does not resolve at all.

You &/or you ISP may need a PTR record added to this DNS for reverse lookups -- some sites reject email if they can verify the sending domain.

Possible Solutions:
1. Check you are sure that you have the right address
2. check the options tab on your account -- make sure the Megabyte send limit per day and the Number send limit per day haven't been set.
3. set the users primary alias to their public email address which you set in recipient policies.
4. Is there a catchall email-id for the domain?


there are some issues with E2k looking as if it is open to relay when it is not. Please go through this KB article step by step. It features some tests that you should carry out, and links to other articles that will help you configure smtp properly -;en-us;304897&Product=exch2k
sorry -- end of last comment should read "...if they can NOT verify the sending domain
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Check if the domain in question has been renewed. I've seen similar problems 'cos the company did not renew the domain, so when it expired, then the domain got removed. Check on if the domain is valid, also you can use the site to check the mail server. It could just be a simple DNS issue, if the domain is valid.
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