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p4 3.2 prescott 500 vs p4 2.8 800

whats a better buy. i want the cheaper , how much will i lose by sacricing in the front bus?

p4 3.4 prescott 500 front bus - $99

vs p4 2.8 800 front bus - $144
2 Solutions
p4 3.4 prescott 500 front bus - $99

Never heard of this.
Do you have a link?
I think that something is wrong with your post.  As far as I know, in DESKTOP CPUs, there is no 3.2GHz product with anything less than a 800MHz FSB.  My first thought was that the "500" was not a speed but the new "performance rating", but I think it's too slow for that.

We need some better product descriptions and/or product links.

Also clarify if these are desktop or laptop CPUs.
finnstoneAuthor Commented:

click the CPU category and you will see the desktop prices for the $99 and $143
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finnstoneAuthor Commented:
my motherboard is the sx4spe max 2 , will it support a 775 pin, the manual says it supports 478 pin, does that mean i cannot buy a 775 pin?
If it's socket 478, then you cannot use a 775 pin CPU.

Be EXTREMELY careful buying from the "low bidders" on Pricewatch.

The adds can be, and in this case are, misleading.  For example, your $99 P4 3.5 isn't a P4 at all, it's a Celeron.

Pricewatch is a tool for someone who knows what they want.  However, it can be quite dangerous if you don't know what you are buying, and how to buy safely.  The bottom few prices are very often either from unscrupulos dealers, or the products are mislisted or miscategorized (either accidentally or, quite often, intentionally).
for sure the p4 2.8 800 front bus - $144 and as Watzman said that one is Celeron also
but i would say there a better cpu that thos ones but it deppends on the money you want to spend
but the p4 2.8 800 is powerful for sure and is good for this price

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