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Can I use my laptop to view information on my desktop?  In other words, can I keep my desktop and get rid of the monitor?  Can I use the monitor on the laptop?
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WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the sense that you probably mean .... DIRECTLY .... no.

You can use your laptop to view your desktop screen using various "remote control" or "remote desktop" tools, including Remote Desktop and Remote assistance in XP itself, plus things like PC Anywhere and Laplink.  However, this is nothing like a "real" monitor and can't view fast-changing screens (e.g. video) AT ALL.  I don't think it's what you have in mind, and I don't think it's likely to be a satisfactory answer to your question, but I mention it to be complete.

As for actually hooking your laptop LCD hardware to your desktop as a monitor, that is not possible while the laptop is still a laptop.

Some people ask if they can use a working LCD panel removed from a broken laptop with their desktop, and the answer there is that while it is not physically impossible, it is also not economically feasible.  To do this, you need about a half-dozen components, a number of which may not exist and/or may not be obtainable in small quantities, and you need things like casing, cables (VERY specialized cables), high voltage inverters and power supplies that you simply either can't get or, if you can get them, they will cost more than a brand new desktop LCD monitor.
Limited but yes, you can.  If they are networked, use a program like realvnc.

Load the server onto your desktop, and load the client onto your laptop.  Connect thru the network, and it's almost as good as using the desktop directly, though as watzman said, flash animations will look crappy, any type of fast motion will not render very good, and anything that uses directx video funtions like directshow, games, and media player will not show up.
maimon22, while that was a good suggestion, that would probably hinder the laptop unusable.  Plus you would still have to find a way to power the backlight, and the lcd screen will most likely not be a direct plugin.
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