why taskman cannot run

I am using Win 2000 and have used the taskman to check performance. Recently, the taskman cannot run, does any one know why and how to solve?
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Push F8 key while starting and boot to "Safe Mode with Networking"
and go to Panda "Scan your PC" (scan 'Hard Disks')

p2pnetwork.exe is most likely responsible for the Task Manager problem. At the end in Panda's log file
it will say "Disinfected" to everything it kills.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Restore taskman.exe from Windows 2000 CD. Use the following command to restore: -

del \winnt\TASKMAN.EXE
expand.exe x:\i386\taskman.EX_ x:\winnt\TASKMAN.EXE

Thing should work.
It's also possible that access to the Task Manager has been restricted by Group Policy.
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fhtongAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all.

I have worked according to your advice and still cannot solve.
The info according to gecko is for English version. My Windows is Chinese Traditional version. It is something that I do not understand why Microsoft cannot keep a standard design. Of course, different version might be prepared by separate teams.

Furthermore, I have the 3721 problem and I do think that it may be the reason for my trouble. It is uncertain whether 3721 would affect all Windows or just the Chinese version. There is only a few post messages about it.

I hope that I can solve the problem by one of the method suggested or other solution.

Anyway, I shall close the question in a few days.
fhtongAuthor Commented:
As I said, my problem might be with 3721.

I worked on both my PC and notebook to clear everything with safe mode. Then I make a shortcut on desktop for Program Files. Everytime I visit a site online, I check the folder to see if the evil 3721 appears. Finally, I get it. It is mostly the Gmail.
This finding turns to another question that I shall post to the relevant group.

Thanks to all.
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