MP3's no longer play on system

My CD-RW drive recently quit playing MP3 cds, which were created on it, and have always worked before. I can explore them and see the files. If I try to play them, using WinAmp as before, it appears to be playing them, but all I hear is static. I've tried several of my CDs, all the same. I tried them on my other computers, and they work fine. I thought my burner might be failing, so I took one of the CD-ROM drives that worked on another computer - and played these CDs fine there - and installed it on my computer. It too gives me just static. Both drives, using WinAmp, will play standard store-bought CDs fine. What would cause my system to stop playing MP3's? I cannot copy them to my hard drive either - if I do, it bogs my system down and then I get the blue screen telling me to insert the CD - as if I had opened the drive, which I had not. At that point I have to do a hard boot.
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Try reinstalling the drivers for your sound card - it seems to be corrupted, which can happen with all the updates that happen to pcs.
hoodyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Callandor. Actually, I found there was an update for Winamp Pro, and that fixed the problem. Still not sure WHY, unless that's their way of insisting you get their updates??? Weird. It's working great now. Strange that it worked fine before the update became available.
Well, I'm glad it's resolved, at any rate.
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