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I have two computers networking wirelessly. I can acess the internet fine, but I can't access any share file and printer from the other network computer.
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Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
Gen2003 is most likely going down the correct path.  Windows XP SP2 will automatically turn on the built in firewall.  In 'Control Panel' 'Firewall' on the machine you are unable to access, you will be able to configure exceptions to allow some programs/remote systems/ports to access the machine.
Are you sure you have file and printer sharing enabled?  What OS on both?
Getting errors? or are they just not showing up when you browse?
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by browse I mean browse the network neighborhood, sorry.
haha, that sounds even more stupid.  Browse the network, that's what I mean, browse the network.
You have two Computers attaching to a Wireless Access Point which is connected to the Internet.
Both Computers can access the network.

Both Computers have IP addresses on the same network with the same subnet mask.

Can each Computer ping its own IP address?
Can each Computer ping the others IP Address?
Can each Computer ping the others "Computer Name"?

If these are Windows PCs - what is your IPConfig?
[Start/Run/cmd & at the prompt  ipconfig /all >> C:\sr-ip.txt]
Open the file C:\sr-ip.txt & Copy/Paste into comment here
Check if firewall option is turned on on copmuters.
an easy test: Start/Control Panel/Windows FireWall - select "off" --
if the selection was on, then selecting off & testing network access can determine if the Firewall is the issue.
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