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VPN Error

I am testing a VPN to our network and I am getting this error:

"One or more requested network protocols did not connect successfully.

TCP/IP connected successfully.

IP/SPX or compatible CP reported error 733: Your computer and the remote computer could not agree on PPP control protocols."

What is wrong?
1 Solution
Can you provide more details?

OS of the machine(s)?
Why are you using IPX/SPX do you have any Novell servers??
What device is the VPN server? Router? Windows box?
What protocol are you trying to use L2TP or PPTP?
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
OS of the machine(s)>   Server 2000 to connect to Server 2003. Windows..using RRAS

Why are you using IPX/SPX do you have any Novell servers?> I dont even know what IPX/SPX is. I just set up a connection in Server 2000 and tried to connect and it did this.

What device is the VPN server? Router? Windows box?> Just have a NIC card with a static IP using RRAS.

What protocol are you trying to use L2TP or PPTP?> Both, I dont care.

I connected from another remote location, just this location doesnt work. Maybe it is because Im on Server 2000?


if you don't use IPX/SPX, remove them from both computer. this page may help, http://www.chicagotech.net/raserrors.htm

Error 733: the PPP control protocol for this network protocol is not available on the server.  

1) Ensure that the TCP/IP protocol is installed on your RAS server and that the TCP/IP protocol is selected in the Server Settings of the Network Configuration option of the Remote Access Setup dialog.
2) If you have the "Use DHCP to assign remote TCP/IP client addresses" option selected for the TCP/IP protocol in the RAS Server Settings, then ensure that you have installed DHCP and that it is not disabled.
3) Ensure that all of the bindings for TCP/IP are enabled in the Bindings tab of the Network dialog of the Control Panel. Be sure to inspect the TCP/IP Protocol and WINS Client (TCP/IP) bindings for all adapters, all protocols, and all services. If the TCP/IP bindings are corrupt, you may have to reinstall TCP/IP and or RAS in order to clean up the bindings.

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