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RAID 10 using two disk: Software RAID 0 on top of hardware RAID 10

Are there any issues with software striping (RAID 0) across two hardware mirrors (RAID 1)?  I as I currently have two SATA 160GB drives and am thinking to create two hardware mirror volumes of the same size (HWRAID1_VOL0, HWRAID1_VOL1).  Then on the software side converting each of the VOLUMES (seen as drives by windows) to dynamic and creating a single striped volume.
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
Good performance, good redundancy. What more can you ask for? :-)

Ideally haedware RAID 10 will give the best performance as a sophisticated RAID controller can direct I/O to the least busy drive - but a s/w RAID 0 volume striped across mirrors is a good compromise.

My only other comment is that: don't be lulled into not taking regular backups. RAID volumes can still fail.

As meyersd said, "What more can you ask for?"
Sounds good mate.
I see no reason why it wouldn't work.
You'll have the redundancy you need, with above-normal speed.
Let us know how you get on.
Just backup regularly mate.
Ghosting will work fine, just ghost as a whole drive.
If you use hardware raid 1 to mirror the drives, how is windows seeing two volumes? Doesn't make sense to me. I use hardware raid 5 all the time, and windows only sees one volume.

Also, my limited understanding of raid 10 is the following...(feel free to correct me)
    First -a bank of drives (min 3) config'd as RAID 5 Volume (seen as one by windows)
    Second - another bank of drives (min 3) config'd as RAID 5 Volume (seen as one by windows)

Then, using either very advance SAN management, or, fooling it by taking those two volumes in windows and configuring them to mirror each other.

Basically, two raid 5 volumes configured to mirror each other = RAID 10

Two drives mirroring each other through hardware, then, somehow running striping across the same two drives with software DOES NOT equal RAID 10.

Am I wrong? If not, then what you wrote in your original question should not work...

Willing to learn, and, only trying to help. -dalberson
Duncan MeyersCommented:
>Basically, two raid 5 volumes configured to mirror each other = RAID 10

Errrrr, no. That would be RAID 15.

RAID 10 is a RAID 0 (striped, no parity) striped across mirrored sets. The RAID 0 component gives good erformance whilst the mirrors provide good redundancy. Note that RAID 0/1 is not the same as RAID 10. RAID 0/1 takes a RAID 0 set and mirrors it. If you lose on disc then you lose one entire stripe set and you are now vulnerable - if you lose one more disc thenm you're history. I know that it sounds like splitting hairs, but that's the way it works.

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