Sharing Exchange Global Address book across domains


I need help in enabling sharing of Global Address list between two different domains. Below is the scenario and help to enable this:

Domain A: Uses Exchange 2003 & ADS 2003
Domain B: Uses Exchange 2000 & ADS 2000

Both these domains are in different network and connectivity has been established to reach these servers. I need help in sharing the address book between these servers so that the users in each domain can get the e-mail address of the other domain easily. Please help.

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xxgeniusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are they in the same forest? You will not be able to share OAB between Exchange servers in seperate forests, its impossible.  You will need to setup replication so that on replicates a copy of its address book to a third party server and the other imports it, and vice versa.

This paper will explain it:
flyguybobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think that xxgenius has already provided the export/import method.

There are two additional tools that you can look at.  
The first is called SimpleSync and it is from CPS Systems.  It's realtively straightforward and it is a great app, though it is not free.

The second is the MIIS AD IIFP (Microsoft Identity Integration Server Active Directory Identity Integration Feature Pack).  It's free from Microsft, but it takes a bit of work to get setup, requires a SQL server, Windows 2003 Enterprise (Yes, Enterprise) and can take a large learning curve.

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