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adding a component in visual studio

i am trying to load a substitute for the smart navigator for asp.net, i have a site in asp.net with VB as the code behind.. i am trying to all the following to the custom toolbox
but i keep geting an error file assemblyname or it's dependencies not found.. lots of programmers are using this so what could be causing the problem??
1 Solution
DOC: Help Topics for the AppDomain.Load Method and the Assembly.Load Method Are Not Complete

The existing help topics should also include the following information:

To load an assembly, start any one of the four methods that appear in the "Summary" section. While any of these methods is starting, you pass a reference to an AssemblyName object by using the assemblyRef parameter. Before you pass the assemblyRef parameter to any of the four methods, you can set the CultureInfo, KeyPair, Name, and Version properties of your AssemblyName object. Additionally, you can set the CodeBase property of your AssemblyName object.

In this scenario, the Name property and the CodeBase property might not be consistent with each other. To overcome any resultant differences, the .NET Framework first tries to locate the specified assembly by using the Name property. If this search is successful, the .NET Framework loads the located assembly. If the search is not successful, the .NET Framework tries to locate the specified assembly by using the CodeBase property. If the new search is also not successful, you receive a FileNotFoundException error message that contains the following information:

File or assembly name YourAssembly, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

Note YourAssembly is the value of the Name property of your AssemblyName object.

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