How do I include the same html code in all of my xsl sheets when they transform to html docs?

This is basically the same question I've been asking and researching for 2 weeks and I know it can't be this hard.
This is my first XML project and I am learning as I go.  A little knowledge ... well you know.

I have one big XML doc.  I use a script to select one of many xsl stylesheets and using transformNode, I create  different html docs.  It works great. I even use SelectSingleNode so that I am only applying the stylesheet to the node that I am interested in.

Anyway, here's the problem.  There is a lot of html formatting going on including a top border and a left border with a lot of links.  They are hard coded into each and every xsl doc I am using (19 going on 50).  I would like to find a way to do the borders once and add the code to the xsl doc before it gets transformed. I have tried <xsl:import>, <xsl:include>,  frames, shared borders and nothing works. I'm sure there is something obvious that I just haven't stumbled onto yet.  Or maybe I'm just using these badly.

Is there a solution out there that I am overlooking? I'm assigning 500 points because it's time to get it resolved.

Please help.
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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I am reading your Q right <xsl:include href="uri" /> should work.  It must be a child node of either <xsl:stylesheet> or <xsl:transform>

Do you have the correct parent child relationship?

If you are not already using it you may find this a useful reference:

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