Are Older Xeon Processors really that fast

I have a Clarion/Topspeed  app running on my desktop which performs fine.
My desktop is a P4 3.0Ghz 1 Gig Ram 2 150 SATA HDD drives in stripe mode.
It runs like a dream.
The application starts up in about 4 seconds and I am away.

One of my clients runs this app. on his Server- Dual Xeon P3 900Mhz RAID SCSI HDD. It runs comparitively slowly and takes at least 30 seconds to load the application. He is running this on his Citrix server but for this comparison he is running the application at the server itself. ( It is not noticably slower when running a session anyway).
Processing of records can take up to 20 times longer.

My questions:-  

How would these two PC's compare in a benchmark running standard benchmark tests?

I ask this because I am wondering whether my single processor P4 may actually be vastly superior.

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your P4 3.0GHz is vastly superior to a dual Xeon P3 900MHz.  Dual processors confer an advantage only when the OS and the application are aware of how to take advantage of them, and in your case, the P4 has a huge advantage in clock speed.  For a comparison of more modern dual Xeon cpus against a single P4, see  Note that the dual cpus are much close in speed to the P4EE than what you have.
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