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How to save the data in Java Server faces??

Hi All,

How to save the data in Java Server faces??

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How do you mean "save the data".   Do you want to save the data to a database or are you just having problems saving the data on the session.
sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
in both ways


Lets start with saving the data to the session.  When you set up your bean in the faces-config.xml, you specify the scope of the bean:
  page     - The bean stays in memory ONLY for the JSP page where it is referenced
  request -  The bean stays in memory for multple JSP pages on the same request
  session -  The bean stays in memory for the duratio of the user's session.

When a JSP accesses a bean, it examines the configured scope and stores it in the appropriate memory.  My recommendation for your first JSF application, is to store everything on the session initially.  So set the <managed-bean-scope> in the faces-config.xml to 'session'.
The managed bean is referenced inside your form in the custom inputfield tags:
  <h:inputText value="#{dataBean.dataValue}"/>
refers to the dataValue Property  in the dataBean and sets its value appropriately

As for saving, when your beans to the database, it is usually as a result of a user click on the OK or SAVE button.  In your JSP you use the custom tag on the SAVE button.  Something like this:
  <h:commandButton value="Save" action="#{dataBean.saveData}"/>
   <!--The SAVE button invokes this 'controler' bean when it is clicked-->

In the faces-config.xml you have this bean configuation:

Then the dataControler class handles the save event:
public class dataBean

   public String getValue() {...}
   public void setValue(String val) {...}

   public String saveData()
        String[] values={this.getValue()};
        try {
          int rows=TransactionMgr.getInstance().executeQuery("Insert into MyTable values(?)", values);
          return "dataSaved"
        } catch (SQLException e)
              log.error("Save transaction failed!", e);
              return "dataSaveFailed"

In the faces-config.xml, you have a navigation rule that controls the action taken when the SAVE button is clicked:
  <from-view-id>/enterData.jsp</from-view-id>                   <!--JSP page where data entry form is displayed-->
     <from-outcome>dataSaved</from-outcome>                 <!--Action invoked when saveData() method succeeds-->
     <to-view-id>/WEB-INF/results/result1.jsp</to-view-id>   <!--Page to navigate to when save is complete!-->
     <from-outcome>dataSaveFailed</from-outcome>            <!--Action invoked when saveData() method fails!-->
     <to-view-id>/WEB-INF/results/DBError.jsp</to-view-id>   <!--Page to navigate to when save is complete!-->


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