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KVM or mobo problem i think?

i have a linksys 2 port KVM switch. last week it started to behave oddly. 1 of the systems conected to it is shut down every night (system 1), the other is nerver shut down (system 2). during the time that on system 1 is off, after a random period of time .5 hr - 9 hr later the switch will switch to system 2 with out being given any commands or any thing being tuch. after it is switch only the keybord and monitor work, the mouse dose not work at all. when system one is started up everything on the swetch work if on it. but the mouse dose not com back to system 2 till i reboot. a nerther odd thing is okastionaly when only system 2 is all the lites on the Keybord start to flash and the monitor will not com on.

could the switch be dead or the mobo sending it bad commands since it only happens with one system.

im not shere if this is relavent but this started 2 days after the system was hacked, that resalted in the death of one of its hdd and its vid card. the system has been formated since.

im at a loss to whats happening.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Simple way to test, disconnect the KVM from the troubled system and stick a seperate monitor, keyboard and mouse.  (If you don't have another monitor, you can still use the KVM's monitor, but some KVMs determine if the system is on by monitoring power through the keyboard connection - since you'd be using a different keyboard the KVM might think it's not connected at all to that system and power down the monitor).
When comparing the specs on processor P4 will definetly work better than Celeron as it has higher L1 /L2 cache.
Ohhhh. Sorry wrong post.

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