Problem with WinXP recognizing HDD after repartioning with Partion Magic

Ok, I was using Partion Magic 8.0 to repartition my second HDD. It is a Maxtor 60 GB HD. I was going to use the secondary partition to install Linux, so I used all the default options for the new partition, including setting it as active. The process went off without a hitch or any error messages. However, when I rebooted my computer, it could no longer recognize the second HDD at all! I went into the Management console to check it out, and it still saw all the different partitions on the drive, but it called the Windows section an "unknown partition", and it no longer referred to it's drive letter D:.

 Unfortunately, the Partion Magic software was on the D: drive, so I can't even use it to undo the changes.

 Any suggestions on getting Windows to recognize the D: section again so I can get all my files back? I really don't want to delete anything.

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By default, partition magic will sometime "hide" a partition.  It has the ability to unhide it easily, however.  The Partition Magic CD is bootable, boot from it and take a look at the partition structure for the 60 gig drive.  Also, you can have only one active partition on any given hard drive, which might be part of your issue if the active partition is a non-DOS partition.  What was the partition type of the partition planned for Linux?  (FAT32, NTFS, or something else?)
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Did you by any slight chance make the recovery disks when you installed partion magic ? Maybe use those if you did, if not then what about going into recovery console and using the fixboot and fixmbr commands. Not sure if this will help out any but possibly hook it up to another computer as a slave drive ?

Other then that you can use a knoppix boot up cd and see if you can get your data off of the hard drive that way, maybe ?

What about re installing Partition Magic on the other partition and see if you can undo the changes that were made by partition magic in the first place, not sure if that would work.

FYI - These are just some thoughts :)
JErnst85Author Commented:
Unfortunately, I did not make any recovery disks. :(

 I tried using Fixboot, but it did nothing. I didn't use fixmbr though... I'll try it.

 Also, I don't have a bootable Partition Magic cd. I downloaded it off the Internet. I have no idea what file system the program used for the Linux partition. I think it was Fat32, but I'm not sure.

 All I really need to do is somehow get Windows to see the D: drive again, and then I'm fine. I just am unsure as to the best way to go about it.
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JErnst85Author Commented:
Also, for some reason, when I go into the Disk Managment console, it won't let me make the D: partition active. I deleted the Linux partition, and all it is now is free space.

 There must be some easy fix here...
JErnst85Author Commented:
Thanks guys! I ended up redownloading and reinstalling PM 8 on the C: drive.

 You were right Watzman, it was a hidden partition alright. It unhid it for me without a hitch. :)

 I'll split the points anyway, though, since I'm so happy I didn't lose anything! :)
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Thanks for the points split :) and the grade ! Good  to hear that you got everything back fine !

Just for future reference - ALWAYS ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS AS THEY ARE VITAL !!!
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