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     I recently upgraded my internet connection from regular high speed to ultra high speed . My router was working fine prior to the upgrade to the ultra high speed. The ultra high speed also has a connection manager that I click on to the access the internet. Without the router my internet connection works but when I use router(Aopen brand) I get timed out error message.

Can somone please help me solve this problem?

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Have you tried looking for a firmware update for your router?  Is it a 401?

Have you contacted your ISP technical support to ask what changes are made to the service to enable the faster speed?

When you say that the 'ultra high speed also has a connection manager' -- do you mean a software application is installed on your PC that is used to connect to the Internet?  If so, then you may have a problem passing traffic for a PPPoE authentication or similar control -- some ISPs enforce "single machine" use policies by requiring PPPoE between the host and the service -- it is not possible to place a router between the modem and the PC in those circumstances.  Again, contact you ISP support for specifics.
You need to determine what your connection parameters are (username, password, etc.) from your new connection manager, then transfer that information to your router.   This information includes:
- DHCP client or static IP address & gateway
- username
- password
- DNS server(s)

See if you can find this information either in your connection manager or in the information you should have received from your internet provider.  Connect to your router and change the router's setup parameters accordingly.

Once your router is set up with this information, you should be able to access the internet without using the connection manager.

If you don't have success working through this, post back details on your setup, what you did and what errors you're receiving.
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