WSDL publishing in WebService

I use Delphi 7 professional edition.
I developed  number of web services and i have a next problem
I need to add to automatically generated WSDL string restrictions like minlength, maxlegth, or enumeration values.
Also i need to add minOccurs, maxOccurs attributes to show what elements are optional and what elements are optional and
what arguments are obligatory.
Another opportunity (less wanted) how i can supply my own WSDL instead of automatically generated.
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HI.  I think you can write WSDL for your web services by yourself if you am familiar with SOAP. If no, I advice you use WSDL automatically generated. You can change your export unit code to get different WSDL.

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vadim_tiAuthor Commented:
Ok, let's say i will write my own WSDL, how i need to link it in my application, to display it instead of automatically generated
I think you need go to see source code automatically generated from a WSDL at first. It ought have a function like this. Please read its souce code. You will get how to link your own WSDL.

function GetServicePortType(UseWSDL: Boolean; Addr: string; HTTPRIO: THTTPRIO): ServicePortType;
vadim_tiAuthor Commented:
i spent a lot of time to discover source code
and do not find something best than in OnBeforePublishEvent handled to read WSDL file manually ,
and to build a response,
so i get a wanted result but can be a problem from maintenance point of view,
i would like to get more "authomatic" solution.

Have any idea?
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