UNREAD MAIL counter does not count mail in my inbox that's tucked into a subfolder. Why?

I have Outlook 2003 with an Exchange 2003 SP1 server.  Running in Cached mode, connected via RPC over HTTP.  I have a rule that tucks some mail into a subfolder of my Inbox.

New mail that is NOT routed to this subfolder counts towards my NEW MAIL count (the blue number beside my Inbox).  But mail routed to this folder does not.  Only when i expand my Inbox and look at the subfolder do I see a NEW MAIL counter beside it.  I have to look for new mail to find it.  

Is there a way to change this behaviour so my Inbox NEW MAIL count shows a true count of all unread email, including those tucked into it's subfolders?

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David LeeCommented:

To expand a bit on what nytekgirl said, the unread mail count is on a per folder basis.  The items in a sub-folder aren't in the root folder just as the files in a sub-folder on your hard drive aren't counted as being in the root folder they're under.  If you want to see the unread count for a sub-folder without having to drill down, then either add it as a search folder or add it to the list of folders shown in Outlook Today.
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
This cannot be done with any built in feature/option of Outlook.  It would require a change in code/programming.
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
Well said BlueDevilFan..sorry I should have explained more :)
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