Access a webpage on my pcfrom external pc

Hello all,
I have some webpages in the wwwroot of my IIS server. I am trying to access a webpage called test.html
from a different computer which does not belong to the local campus network but I get an error "The page cannot be displayed."
The way I am hitting the URL is which is my ip address. ( I found this ip address using the ipconfig in the cmd).
Does anyone know how to make this html file viewable on the internet?

Thank you.
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fruhjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OPen the control panel
Choose Windows firewall
Click the Exceptions tab
Check WebServer (or make sure it's checked)

Also, if you want to be able to "ping" your PC
go to the Advanced tab
under ICMP click settings
check "allow incoming echo request"

- Jack

Hi nectarios777,

  Make sure you don't have a firewall installed that is blocking the request ( look for port 80)

- Jack
nectarios777Author Commented:
hi, the only firewall i have is the one of the windows xp pro sp2. how can i disable the request block if that is what i should do?
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nectarios777Author Commented:
Hello, i couldn't find the WebServer option in the Exceptions tab.
I clicked on the Advanced / Local Area Connection and 1394 / Settings and I checked the Web Server (HTTP) and allow Incoming
echo request at the ICMP.
However, people still cannot see the webpages that are running on my server.
Any ideas?
Hi nectarios, how are you accessing the Internet, if you're connecting direct with a modem cable/dsl/...  the info fruhj gave you should be enough, if you're in a Lan , you'll have to forward port 80 from the router(s) to your PC
nectarios777Author Commented:
Hi bmquintas, thanks for your response.
I am on a campus LAN (T3). Do you know how to forward port 80 from the router? I do not have
any admin access.
bmquintasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're in trouble... Only someone from the IT department can do that
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